Who We Are

CONCEPT: Cristina Maldonado

RESEARCH + SECRETARIES: Jessica Serran, Bethany Lacktorin, Cristina Maldonado.

CONCEPTUAL ASSISTANCE: Fernanda Eugenio, Joao Fiadeiro

DEVISERS OF PERFORMANCES AND PERFORMERS: Bethany Lacktorin, Cristina Maldonado, Kateřina Fojtíková, Sodja Lotker

MORE PERFORMERS: Roberto Montiel, Diana Cruz

PRODUCTION: JEDEFRAU ORG., Barbara Bahalová and DANZA EN EXPANSIÓN project of QUIMERA Gestión Cultural A.C./Roberto Montiel.

PHOTOS AND VIDEOS: Jirka Jiráček, Daniel Pizamiglio, Kateřina Fojtíková, Jan Morávek, Vladimir Burian, Roberto Montiel, Sol Flores.



THANKS TO THE HELP OF: Howard Lotker, Tomáš Procházka, Daniel Pizamiglio, Verónica Bujeiro

*Becaria del Programa Creadores Escénicos con Trayectoria 2012-2014 del Fondo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes.
SGGS was organized by DANZA EN EXPANSIÓN (DEE) a project of QUIMERA GESTIÓN CULTURAL A.C. Artistic Direction: Cristina Maldonado. Director assistant: Verónica Bujeiro. Production: Roberto Montiel / Quimera Gestión Cultural A.C. and Jedefrau Org. Technical assistant: Diana Cruz.
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Cristina Maldonado
Mexican artist whose background in body movement lends a unique approach to her visual and conceptual experiments with video, sound, collage and performance. Her work unifies experimental theater, dance, participatory art, new and old media. Her topics are body, communication and intimacy. She creates experiential frames connecting installation, video and live action. She works alone or in collaboration with artists from different disciplines and has performed in Mexico, Eastern Europe, New York and Montreal.
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Bethany Lacktorin
American performer/sound artist, Bethany relates ideas to media via electronic devices, violin, vocalizations, collaborative storytelling and interactive sound sources for installations, exhibitions, dance, film, animation and theater productions. She has earned credit on several independent films and documentaries, recorded and released a handful of albums, and produced and performed in exhibitions and productions throughout the United States and Europe.
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Jessica Serran
Canadian artist, guide and psycho-cartographer whose work is a blend of text, imagery and social practice that together examine the relationship between personal and collective experience and the subtexts that define our experience of Self and Other. Her work relies on the notion that the art object can play a profound role in discovering, reconnecting and examining our sense of both our public and private selves. Her work has been exhibited in Canada, the United States and Europe.