Research + Development

The beginning

Cristina Maldonado is a performer and deviser of performances that use old and new media. She is interested in questioning protocols of communication by creating mediated environments to study how mediation can bring new possibilities of feeling and relating to others. Last year she presented a first version of SGGS performance as a work-in-progress in Prague and Mexico. From that moment on she has been developing the idea of several performances and creating an entity that can offer these art services, presenting art as a personalized experience. In the beginning of 2013 Cristina invited several artists based in Prague to develop the profile of SGGS and create the first performance-services and thanks to the support of grants and residencies the project has developed rapidly.

Devising performances research

During 2013 the first 3 performances were created and presented as a work in progress: REMINISCENCIA in collaboration with sound artist Bethany Lacktorin and dramaturge Verónica Bujeiro; AMULETO in cooperation with visual artist Katerina Fojtíkova; INTERRUPTOR with the advice of Joao Fiadiero and Fernanda Eugenio and in conversation with Daniel Pizamiglio. Reminiscencia and Amuleto were developed and performed in Theater Alfred ve Dvore, Prague and Interruptor in Atelier Real, Lisbon.


Collaboration with Katerina Fojtikova. In 2011 Katerina, Cristina and Sodja Lotker started to work on a piece called Amuleto, a service where they would craft a video-amuleto for clients. The project was interrupted after the first three clients, the results were not motivating and the research was abandoned. In the beginning of the year Katerina and Cristina started working on a new version of Amuleto, under the vision of ritual exchanges of tzotziles, native from Mexico. The result of this first research was a workshop where people could relate to objects, the idea of creating a video amulet or an object amulet was abandoned, instead, the projection into and relation with objects resulted more powerful for the first visitors, and so the performance was focused on creating a space where that relationship of empowering objects could happen.


First collaboration between Bethany Lacktorin and Cristina Maldonado. Firstly focused on studying the effects binaural recordings had in the perception of space, the research headed into a direction of questioning the relation to sound, if we could identify with owed own sound (voice) or how able we were to connect to sound retention or sound memories. The research was fed with texts and essays of diverse authors that Veronica Bujeiro brought into the process and also by her own texts. The story Reminiscencia of Dr. Oliver Sacks became an axis to sustain the topic of sound perception and emotional connection to it.


The first version of Interruptor was created and presented by Maldonado in June 2012. This version was performed in the beginning of the Standing residency and during two months this first form of Interruptor was analyzed and re-organized in order to find the way of how the spectator could become more of a participant in the piece, the process was lead by the methodology of AND LAB with the assisted research of Joao Fiadeiro and Fernando Eugenio. During the process the conversation and practices with Daniel Pizamiglio helped to develop the score of the actual piece. The final version was presented in Atelier Real and observed the ethics used in creating relations of the AND LAB perspective.

Devising SGGS entity

Since the beginning of the year Veronica Bujeiro and Cristina Maldonado were discussing how to create and entity and how it would be, to situate this performances as a service. What does this mean in a social context and what were the concepts that the performances where addressing, such as intimacy, protocols of exchange, mediated communication. Later on Jessica Serran joined the work by helping to clarify and systematize the information into a possible approach on how to offer the services. During the STANDING residency Joao Fiadeiro and Fernanda Eugenio contributed to the clarity of the profile by advising on the creation of a manifesto that formulated the core of SGGS. During the residency there was intensive work on the formulation and language in a study of transferring the artistic proposal into a service provider perspective. The final version was revised, criticized, commented and created between Fernanda Eugenio, Verónica Bujeiro, Jessica Serran, Bethany and Cristina.

Launching SGGS

The launching of SGGS will happen within the frame of the festival Next Wave in Theater Alfred ve Dvore. There will be an opening exhibition summing up the research, conclusions and questions that emerged during the process that will display an exhibition of sound and visual installation and a presentation of a fanzine designed by Jessica Serran.