About the Stranger

The Stranger Gets a Gift Service establishes temporary zones of encounter. We have designed audiovisual peformances, installations and situations that are experienced by one person at a time, they last 45 minutes or are ongoing throuhgout the whole day.

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  • In The Stranger Gets a Gift, the stranger is a person that  you most probably will never see again, or will never see at all,  but whom with you can share something significant.
  • The stranger can be a performer or another guest like you, or even someone you have met before but that becomes unknown in this conext.
  • Who is the stranger? What is his name? Where he comes from? does not make a difference to us, we are focused on finding out what things we can all exchange regardless of who we are.
  • Trusting a stranger is a luxury that we seldom practice nowadays. Our performances are contexts where you can let the stranger in, let yourself stand in his/her territory, unfamiliar to what will happen, unable to predict how you should behave, sometimes becoming an intriguing stranger to yourself.
  • Why to give something personal to a stranger? What is the profit? Technically none,  but is a very satisfactory way to pause  the predating economy of transactions we live in.
  • Contacting a stranger is a practice that we effortlessly experience in the platform of social cyber nets, The Stranger Gets a Gift Service is a “flesh and bone net” that uses art as a device to create encounters between strangers and facilitate the sharing of significant and existential experiences.

“We need to create gaps in our daily lives to exist without protocols and predictable situations- says Maldonado.  In The Stranger‘s intimate exchanges between artist and audience, predictability and precedent elude the latter entirely.”  Morgan Childs for The Prague Post

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